Praga Caput Regni


The Prague architecture

Prague TV tower : the Rocket Launcher

Žizkov Hill

Ginger and Fred: the Dancing house

architects Mlado Milunic and Frank Ghery

Vltava embankment

The Prague monuments

The Franz Kafka’s statute

Jewish quarter

Quo Vadis: The Trabi on the run commemorating exodus of East Germans in 1989

Garden of German Embassy

When svatý Václav (Saint Wenceslas) was wrong

Passage Lucerna in the middle of Václavské sqr in City Center

Aniversary during Conference

70 years, June 18th, 1942

The Last stand of Gabčík and Kubiš after successful assasination of Reihard Heydrich

Resslova street, 100 meters from Dancing House

The Prague Guide