Conference Site

Masarykova kolej (Congress Centre) Thákurova 301/1, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic


Prague transportation map is here. Cut Masarykova kolej, Thákurova 550/1, Praha and Paste it into Find on map frame. Prague transportation is also on Google maps.

From the airport:

From the airport use bus 119, to Dejvická (end station) and walk 5 minutes. Fare 24 CZK (good for 30 min.) when purchased at newsstands or vending machines.

From the Railroad Stations:

Main (Praha Hlavní) or Holešovice stations are both on metro (tube) line C. Find platform outbound to terminal station Háje. At station Museum change for line A outbound to Dejvická (end station). Take exit in the direction train arrived. Metro_orientation_plan.pdf.

From Dejvická to Coference site and Hotel Silenzio:

Generally you can ride 1 station (to Thákurova) by tram (any), but unless going with luggage to Silenzio it is not worth of wasting time to wait for. From Thákurova follow map. For those staying in Silenzio, there are couple snapshots of critical points: 1 - right turn before kids playground. After 50m, cross street, take couple steps (2) and continue app. 100m upward on tree shaded alley. At the end take left turn to Vila Oluška gate (3) and you are there.

Blue line:   from 119 bus stop to Masaryk Congress Center

Red line:    from tram stop to Silenzio

Green line:    from Silenzio to Masaryk Congress Center

From Dejvická to Crown Plaza Hotel:

You should take bus 107, 116 and 147 (1 stop) or tram 8 (3rd stop) in direction Podbaba. Stops are marked on map. Unmissable tower in Sorela style - the Crown Plaza will be on your left.


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